Authenticity is the non-digital revolution sweeping our industry #canneslions

by Charl Thom, Group MD, FoxP2 The seminars and speakers over the Cannes Lions week are some of the most inspiring and informative an advertising or marketing person could hope for. Here are a few of the many notes I made during the week, and a few interesting quotes (some more colourful than others) that stayed with me.

The agency as an idea incubator

At the recent memorial and tribute to Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ive, Chief Designer of Apple, had the following to say about ideas: “Steve treated the process of creativity with a rare and wonderful reverence. You see I think he, better than anyone, understood that while ideas ultimately can be so powerful, they begin as fragile, barely formed thoughts. So easily missed. So easily compromised. So easily just squished.”

Free your agency from fear

It’s the secret ingredient. It’s what, when all the other fundamentals are in place, will make the difference between success and failure, between being good and being great. If you currently have it, keep it that way, if you don’t, do what it takes to get it.

I’m talking about the liberation of your employees, your clients and your business, from fear. This is probably the single most important message I took away from my recent visit to the 58th Cannes Festival of Creativity. It also confirms what I have long believed to be the single biggest factor in creating great work in an advertising agency (or any other business for that matter).

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