Small Screen ‘Sextravaganza’ set to replace Teleshopping

Commercial TV has announced a new focus for 2011. John Doe reports.

“Our growth has been phenomenal over the past year,” says Brent Doss, Commercial TV MD. “Our hard hitting news, socially focused documentaries and the pick of old US sitcoms and movies have clearly delivered what the public wants, and now we’re looking to build on this growth. Consequently, our programming will be moving heavily towards smut as the year progress.”

Satire wasted on BCCSA, Vlismas ruling shows

Right on the heels of a judgement that would potentially complicate South Africa’s television content rating system by adding additional warnings to shows containing strong language (traditionally and recognisably marked with an L), the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) has now taken up the mighty task of establishing the “bounds of humour” in a ruling that effectively finds stand-up comedian John Vlismas guilty of hate speech.

Nando’s poking fun at 2010 campaign

Advertising Agency Cross Colours and Nando’s created a direct spoof of the ‘I was there’ radio spot for 2010. The Nando’s radio spot features a diverse group of South Africans reminiscing about their various ‘life changing’ moments in a Nando’s store, all against background music that is sneakily similar to the 2010 campaign.

Nando’s poke fun at shameless ministerial gravy train

Nando’s latest television commercial is a send-up of South Africa’s parliament ministers. Their high-flying spending is used to contrast the latest, good-value offer from Nandos – three peri-peri wings and chips for only R19.95.

Zapiro show seeks new platform online

The producers of Z News, a news satire co-developed by award winning South African cartoonist Zapiro, is seeking alternative distribution channels after the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) pulled the plug on the show before the pilot even aired. The SABC reportedly spent close to R1 million on development before the show got canned. Zapiro is often criticised by senior government figures for his politically inconvenient views of Zuma and other members of the ANC leadership.

Media practitioners hold breath, pass out for Top 100 listing

South African media practitioners are awaiting the announcement of Future Publishing’s list of the 100 most influential people in South African media. The company has announced the list will be published in The Annual – Advertising, Media & Marketing 2008.

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