With apologies to Cell C

Cell C CEO Lars Reichelt published a second full page apology this past weekend after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that Cell C must stop using the term “4Gs” in its advertising material. Cell C earlier this year punk’d consumers and commentators with an ad apologising to comedian Trevor Noah for lapses in service in what later turned out to be part of a marketing campaign involving the positioning of Noah as Cell-Cs ‘chief experience officer’. Lars (not the real one this time) seems to be at it again, as I explain on BizCommunity.com, rather cheekily.

Nando’s poking fun at 2010 campaign

Advertising Agency Cross Colours and Nando’s created a direct spoof of the ‘I was there’ radio spot for 2010. The Nando’s radio spot features a diverse group of South Africans reminiscing about their various ‘life changing’ moments in a Nando’s store, all against background music that is sneakily similar to the 2010 campaign.

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