A royal wedding without lobola? You must neva.

Budget airline’s latest marketing stunt is to plan delivery of a herd of cows to Buckingham palace in celebration of the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. For every flight booked from 14 February kulula “will make a contribution to the cost of a herd fit for a royal lobola (a symbolic payment to the bride’s family from the groom and his).” The cows will be sourced locally in the UK. The Sunday Times are reporting the couple has already decided not to accept gifts from corporations. Maybe they will be swayed by the plate & mugs? They do seem like collectors’ items.

Sepp Blatter flies Kulula

It was bound to happen. After running an ad in the Sunday Times inviting FIFA president Sepp Blatter free flights anywhere in South Africa a dog took up the offer. And no it wasn’t FIFA’s president. The ad in question formed part budget airline Kulula’s cheeky campaign as the ‘Unofficial National Carrier of the ‘You Know What’ that had previously landed it in hot water with FIFA’s bullying lawyers.

Majut and Sons from #kulula to #FIFA

On April 1st, Kulula.com and its agency King James took yet another dig at FIFA by creating a fictitious law firm called Majut and Sons and notifying FIFA and the media of its application to trademark the Sky™, and potential problems this posed for anyone daring to transgress it. Here is the brochure created by King James.

Kulula answers FIFA with new ad

Kulula ad agency King James chose to respond to FIFAs’ legal threats with another tongue-in-cheek ad that is running in the Sunday papers today.

The ad looks similar to the original that caused FIFA and its lawyers to lose their sense of humour over the use of, amongst other things, the national flag, footballs and vuvuzelas in, gulp, combination.

Loeries 2010: Call for entries campaign launched

Loeries 2010: The biggest event of the year. The campaign theme for this years’ annual Loeries event, announced today, Monday, 15 March 2010, by CEO Andrew Human, is of course a tongue-in-cheek, if rather dry, reference to that ‘other’ biggest event of the year. Before those FIFA lawyers get their knickers in a knot again – Kulula-style – no part of the campaign actually ever mentions the FIFA World Cup or shows a football. It’s called having a sense of humour. Read my story and see all the creative on BizCommunity.

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