April 1: Punk’d by the media

by Herman Manson (@marklives) It’s 1 April 2014 and news sites, newspapers and broadcasters are out to get you. With elections just around the corner, April Fool’s stories dealt with popular voter gripes: News24 announced Western Cape premier Helen Zille is moving to Khayelitsha; MyBroadband tackled Nkandla’s ‘but I never asked for it’ telecommunications infrastructure; and TimesLive reported that you can dodge paying e-tolls by driving exactly 113 km/h.

The press muses amusingly

April 1 in the media world is a bit like casual day at school. Everybody pitches but no-one is really there. That’s because we are all browsing to ‘Net to see which scores got settled, who threw the best punch without anybody really realising that’s what it was, and who should we copy next year this time around.

Majut and Sons from #kulula to #FIFA

On April 1st, Kulula.com and its agency King James took yet another dig at FIFA by creating a fictitious law firm called Majut and Sons and notifying FIFA and the media of its application to trademark the Sky™, and potential problems this posed for anyone daring to transgress it. Here is the brochure created by King James.

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