Africa Dispatches: A luta continua, vitória é certa, M&G Africa

by Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) It has been just over a year since Zimbabwean-born media entrepreneur, Trevor Ncube, launched Mail & Guardian Africa. The chairperson of Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) says its success must be defined in terms of the investigative-news brand’s editorial achievements.

Africa Dispatches: Agencies, got game?

by Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) Why is it important for marketers to know about a South African game called Desktop Dungeons? Minecraft. Microsoft. US2.5bn. The portable, video and computer games world is going to be a tough nut to crack, and the sooner marketers enter and try to understand this world, the better.

Africa Dispatches: Tusker beer — the elephant in the room

by Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) If you’re chowing down on some nyama choma (barbecued meat) in Kenya and you’re offered a beer, the chances are that it will be a Tusker. The oldest beer brand in that market, Tusker remains East Africa’s best-loved beer because of product excellence and the smart marketing that backs this brand.

Africa Dispatches: Break-out brands

There was a time when Silicon Valley dominated technology’s global brand map. Information and communications technology (ICT) brands like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Google and Oracle ruled this world. But the landscape is shifting, reports Jon Pienaar (@j0nn0) in this Mark Magazine: Africa Dispatches feature.

Africa Dispatches: The US$19.9 billion media market

by Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) Growth in media spend in Africa is outpacing the US and Western Europe, while media investments are alive, thanks to the politically connected or business people with big egos and pockets to match. [a Mark Magazine: Africa Dispatches feature]

Africa Dispatches: #RespectAfrica

Meet the change makers and the disrupters. Africa’s visionaries who dared to dream big and to turn their ideas into reality. These are amongst the most respected people on the continent. These are the people to know. Curated by Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) in this Mark Magazine: Africa Dispatches feature.

Africa Dispatches: Grow with Africa

The continent’s higher growth rates are calling but many brands have ventured forth, only to discover that expanding in Africa is complex. Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) speaks to the vanguards in this Mark Magazine: Africa Dispatches feature.

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