Shelf Life: HKLM’s thoughts in a bubble

A new identity for HKLM; snap a selfie, save a life; and Jack Daniels celebrates Sinatra — Cheryl Hunter’s weekly pick!

The Real McCoy: The power of detail

by Sean McCoy (@TheRealMcCoyTRM) My recent immersion in the hospitality industry has brought the notion of internal branding sharply into focus. Notwithstanding that it was at the premium end of the industry, or even extreme premium, the commitment to the role of people in delivering the brand experience was visibly on display and something to digest.

The Real McCoy: The tale of Tim

by Sean McCoy. This is the story of Tim — an everyday guy doing an everyday job. The difference, however, is that Tim has the foresight, interest and passion — and possibly even the training — to do his everyday job well and in a way that makes a difference to the company that he works for. See, Tim is a real person and happens to be a petrol attendant at a forecourt that also goes under a real brand name, Engen.

Africa Dispatches: Grow with Africa

The continent’s higher growth rates are calling but many brands have ventured forth, only to discover that expanding in Africa is complex. Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) speaks to the vanguards in this Mark Magazine: Africa Dispatches feature.

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