Design Annotator: Khayelitsha on Film

by Uno de Waal (@Unodewaal) Kent Andreasen is a photographer and cinematographer from Cape Town whose work we adore. We jumped at an opportunity to send him to Khayelitsha earlier this year to capture the sights and street life all on film in his distinctive style.

Design Annotator: “ABC’s of Xhosa Names” and election TV ads

by Uno de Waal (@Unodewaal) This week on Design Annotator we’re highlighting: Thandiwe Tshabalala’s illustrated GIFs; Cape Town-based illustrator Ninjabreadboy; graphic designer and art director Aldo Pulella; Greg and Roché Dry, founders of Egg Designs; Hanro Havenga’s BestRand photo project; train surfing in SA doccie; Cloudy With a Chance of Pixels; the Russian Bear #UrbanExpressions campaign; 2014 Cinemark Cannes Young Lions winners; and ANC and DA election TVCs.

International Council of Communication Design has designs on Africa

by Herman Manson (@marklives) Gaby de Abreu is the executive creative director of the Switch Brand Agency, believes the graphic design industry around Africa has much to benefit from associating with international industry organisations, and a lot to offer.

De Abreu was recently voted onto the board and became vice-president of the International Council of Communication Design (Icograda) as the representative from the Brand Council of South Africa. Icograda, a world body for professional communication design, represents 224 member organisations across 129 cities and 67 countries.

With his election de Abreu hopes to introduce South African designers, and their counterparts in key and growing African design markets, to Icograda, and use its established credentials to help enhance the standards of design, professional practice and ethics in the industry. He wants to regulate the pitching process for greater benefit to designers, for example.

The Gate Keeper (Chapter 4: In which strategies are developed)

The CEO eyes the intern and contemplates whether he is in fact God. The first Mangaung strategy session takes place.

The Gate Keeper (Chapter 3: In which ideas form)

The fat men put out a call for Mangaung concepts. Mama E engineers an opportunity for the intern, and Phil the graphic designer struggles to look up.

Old friends, young talent at new agency

Young talent from disadvantaged backgrounds, given a hand up and gaining real commercial experience so as to make them attractive in a competitive job market. This is the aim of three old(er) hands in advertising with a new commercial venture, Old Friends Young Talent (OFyt), that hopes to help transform the ad industry from the bottom up.

Design Indaba 2012: Find courage and leave the Wookie pant-less

by Herman Manson Find courage. To leave the Wookie pant-less. To think wrong, and be right about it, to capture a sense of place in otherwise mundane spaces, to give when its not something your trade is known for, to order cities from the informal rather than the formal city. And to enjoy doing it. …

CREATIVITY interpreted by 10 ‘younger’ shops

AdVantage decided to give 10 ‘younger’ agency shops an opportunity to portray their interpretation of creativity in advertising today, by giving each one a letter from the word ‘creativity’ and asking them to portray it, on a first response basis… Visually. Graphically. Through words. Whatever. Carte blanche…

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