Design Annotator: 16 Jozi galleries, a music hackathon and the InAWE Residency

by Uno de Waal (@Unodewaal) This week on Design Annotator we’re highlighting: David Krut Print Workshop, Stand 47, Beatenberg #10and5Takeover, InAWE Residency with Fort Rixon, Break.Make.Create, “Wake Up, This Is Joburg”, 16 Jozi gallery spaces and art museums, and the “City of Gold Diggers” exhibition.

An architect’s manifesto

People are expecting real change real fast. This is true for the Middle East and North Africa. It’s also true here at the Southernmost point of Africa. Urban environments that imprison and entrench poverty rather than provide economic mobility has immense socio-economic and cultural ramifications for an increasingly urbanised nation.

Design Indaba 2012: Find courage and leave the Wookie pant-less

by Herman Manson Find courage. To leave the Wookie pant-less. To think wrong, and be right about it, to capture a sense of place in otherwise mundane spaces, to give when its not something your trade is known for, to order cities from the informal rather than the formal city. And to enjoy doing it. …

A collaborative approach to architecture

The 1965 exhibition Architecture Without Architects, shown at the Museum of Modern Art, and the accompanying book Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction to Non-pedigreed Architecture by Bernard Rudofsky, provided a unique view into what Rudofsky defined as “communal vernacular,” “anonymous,” “spontaneous,” “indigenous,” “rural,” “non-formal,” “non-classified,” or “non-pedigreed” architecture.

Vision for Visi

Visi is one of a handful of truly iconic South African magazines. It has always prided itself in superior design and production values, as well as a quirkiness that resonated with many South Africans. For a while now, though, the public seems to have been less enamoured with the magazine as seen in its declining circulation in recent years.

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