Arthur Goldstuck – Influence 2010

Arthur Goldstuck is South Africa’s foremost authority on the Internet. He was one of the first journalists to cover online in this country, one of the first to go online with his content, and one of the first to research and predict its influence on society and business. Something he still does it masterfully to this day.

As budgets dry up online looks up

Despite the global financial slowdown – as nice a way of saying ‘global recession’ as anybody and CNN has been able to come up with – at least one marketing medium will expand its share of the revenue pie, even as others prepare to face cutbacks and closures.

After online ad revenue grew 24% in 2006, 27% in 2007 and 32% in 2008, World Wide Worx researcher Arthur Goldstuck predicts it will grow 32% in 2009. This will see revenue jump from R319 million in 2008 to R419 million this year.

Why the Digital Going is Good in Bad Times!

The forthcoming Net Prophet event (May 14th) will be available free of charge to delegates registering online. The event aims to change the way consumers and professionals alike view the Internet business opportunities currently available to them. One high profile speaker at this year’s event is well known and respected owner of World Wide Worx, …

Don’t expect to make Facebook millions

The fast-breaking storm of social networking has left marketers flailing about for shelter, a path to the calm in the eye of the storm, or at least a way to harness the energy in the turmoil. Some are turning to self-appointed experts, and some try to learn it as they go along. Somewhere in between comes a new guide to ‘Facebook Marketing’, with an umbrella of a sub-title that goes ‘Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business’. Does it live up to its promises? Arthur Goldstuck tests it against the social weather.

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