The complex continent

by Jon Pienaar SA companies wanting to expand into the rest of the continent – beware: you can’t simply transplant your existing, highly successful marketing strategy/campaign to a new territory in Africa. Some SA and global brands have learned the hard way that marketing in each new African territory demands a local approach. It should be obvious.

WeChat South Africa wants your brand

by Herman Manson (@marklives) WeChat, a social media and messaging app backed locally by media giant Naspers, entered the South African market in 2013. WeChat South Africa MD Brett Loubser says the local business spent its first year focused on brand building and gaining traction with new users.

The Ad Contrarian: New CMO = new agency = new campaign (= sh*t)

by Bob Hoffman (@adcontrarian), San Francisco Bay I am not a fan of either the talking-animal or the talking-baby genre. They’ve been done a million times and rarely have they been anything but awful. However, every now and then someone does it well. They take a clichéd idea and make it into something good.

The Ad Contrarian: The lifetime value of stupidity

by Bob Hoffman (@adcontrarian), One of my all-time favourite dumb-guy marketing ideas is “lifetime value”. It is the fantasy that if you get a customer at a young age she’ll stick with you for life. This nonsense is particularly popular in the automotive industry, where I misspent a lot of my agency career.

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