The Ad Contrarian: Online “dying” at twice the rate of TV

by Bob Hoffman (@adcontrarian) Recently I was sent more “TV Is Dead” nonsense. It came from someone I know (and like) in the ad business – so I am not going to identify him. But I am going to provide a little lesson in how otherwise intelligent people who don’t understand math are easily mislead and manipulated by numbers and charts.

The Ad Contrarian: New CMO = new agency = new campaign (= sh*t)

by Bob Hoffman (@adcontrarian), San Francisco Bay I am not a fan of either the talking-animal or the talking-baby genre. They’ve been done a million times and rarely have they been anything but awful. However, every now and then someone does it well. They take a clichéd idea and make it into something good.

The Ad Contrarian: The lifetime value of stupidity

by Bob Hoffman (@adcontrarian), One of my all-time favourite dumb-guy marketing ideas is “lifetime value”. It is the fantasy that if you get a customer at a young age she’ll stick with you for life. This nonsense is particularly popular in the automotive industry, where I misspent a lot of my agency career.

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