The Real McCoy: The power of detail

by Sean McCoy (@TheRealMcCoyTRM) My recent immersion in the hospitality industry has brought the notion of internal branding sharply into focus. Notwithstanding that it was at the premium end of the industry, or even extreme premium, the commitment to the role of people in delivering the brand experience was visibly on display and something to digest.

The Real McCoy: Returning the rainbow

by Sean McCoy (@TheRealMcCoyTRM) As the elections become a distant memory and the dust has settled on the parliamentary process, the inauguration ceremony and the new cabinet, it is time to return to work. Ordinary citizens such as you and I — we, too, can make a difference and have a role to play in Brand South Africa.

The Real McCoy: When service delivery becomes a ‘vomit word’

by Sean McCoy (@TheRealMcCoyTRM) This is not intended to be a political article but rather a brutal assault on the notion of internal branding and the alignment of institutional capacity in the delivery of the expressed promise to market — in this case, the government to the general public.

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