Motive: Digital addiction — the future needs to be #Balanced

by Prakash Patel (@prakashpatel_1) The definition of addiction by our friends at Wikipedia, in less than 140 characters, “is the continued repetition of behaviour despite adverse consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviour’s”. So what does this have to do with marketing, advertising, management, leadership or even parenthood for that matter? Nothing or everything?

Motive: Digital mags shaking things up for marketers

by Robyn Daly (@robyndaly) As online shopping gathers momentum in South Africa, the next big opportunity for content marketing is around the corner. Here’s a toe-dipping of what the digital magazine ocean looks like.

Motive: Will work that’s won internationally do well at Loeries?

by Jake Bester (@BI9PUN) As a result of a poorer showing by South Africa internationally this year — in volume only, I must add — those who have won abroad might be feeling pretty confident coming into the 2014 Loeries, as there is less big work to compete against. My experience says: “Don’t.”

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