The rise of Machine

So there is this online media sales house right, small fry really, just one guy selling space on a website at a time when internet advertising was fairly undeveloped in the South African market. It’s not really even a sales house, more like a sales guy with a bit of ambition.

Howzit MSN a template for successful localisation, says Microsoft

Following its recent upgrade, Howzit MSN, the South African version of Microsoft’s MSN portal run by Kagiso Media, is being held up as a template for the successful localisation of the global portal.

Human dev should top corporate agenda, says corp VP at Microsoft

The revolutions that have been sparked in the Middle East since the start of the year may have faded in the minds of many Western media consumers but it was still very much on the minds of local speakers at the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region Microsoft Advertising Imagine Istanbul 2011 conference that took place last week in Istanbul, Turkey.

MSN SA tries to regain traction with upgrade as Nielsen restates stats

MSN has always been the biggest invisible brand in South Africa’s digital content space. The default home page for millions of Internet Explorer users, local Hotmail and Window Live Messenger users have also received significant exposure to the content portal. It had become, according to MSN senior editor Justin Zehmke, little more than a compulsory stop on the way to another online property.

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