The Sell: Why TV advertising is cheating…

by Mimi Nicklin (@MimiNicklin) The ad men of old, they had it easy. Fast-forward 30 years and, sadly, our selling model is not as simple. Here we are working 14-hour days, spending hours in store watching shoppers, millions of rands talking to them and a small fortune incentivising them, and yet our retail sales are still flat.

Creating happiness part of the job at thirtyfour

Often, when speaking to agency MDs and creative directors from many of the traditional flagships of South African advertising, the name of some specialist below-the-line agency would come up, and the conversation, flowing so easily around the currents of industry gossip but moments before, would grind to a halt. “I’ve never seen any of their work.” And I would go, “But you have…”

Punk’d out of ATL funk

Alistair King, group creative director of the King James Group, doesn’t bother to hide his enthusiasm for the latest, possibly bravest, move within his agency to further define its offering in a competitive market, where budgets are shifting from above-the-line to integrated campaigns and what was traditionally considered below-the-line work.

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