Motive: Adland’s talent war and how agencies need to change

by Andy Sutcliffe (@andythirtyfour) Advertising agencies need to become extraordinary places to come to and, more crucially, to stay at. What with agency churn rates anywhere between 20%–50% as our people look to the client side for extra job security, comfort and training, there is a talent war going on.

The pragmatic Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell is one of the original stalwarts of South Africa’s internet economy having been involved in the online advertising and publishing industry since shortly after the commercial web launched in South Africa.

Creating happiness part of the job at thirtyfour

Often, when speaking to agency MDs and creative directors from many of the traditional flagships of South African advertising, the name of some specialist below-the-line agency would come up, and the conversation, flowing so easily around the currents of industry gossip but moments before, would grind to a halt. “I’ve never seen any of their work.” And I would go, “But you have…”

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