Live from Qunu – reporting from the funeral of Nelson Mandela

by Gill Moodie (@grubstreetSA) Three journalists: all East Londoners and deeply connected to the Daily Dispatch, the hometown newspaper of Nelson Mandela. All three covered THE once-in-a-lifetime story: the funeral of Mandela in Qunu in the Transkei last year but with totally different world views and media experience.

Grubstreet: SA editors recall the day Nelson Mandela died

by Gill Moodie (@grubstreetSA) For the past couple of years — and especially last year as the health of Nelson Mandela health steadily deteriorated — South Africa’s editors waited, prepared and planned for when the father of the nation would pass on. Still, most were dreading it because they knew it would be one of the most challenging, extraordinary stories of our time.

Design Annotator: Art and Entrepreneurs

Design Annotator with Uno de Waal is a new column featuring the top design work from South Africa’s biggest online creative showcase, Between 10 and 5, curated by Publisher Uno de Waal @Unodewaal.

I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who is interested in running a successful creative business would find inspiration and resources from our series of Creative Entrepreneurs. Last week our focus was on fashion start-ups and today we’re bringing you some of the coolest start-ups and projects in the art world. If you are interested in starting your own creative business, or any business at all really, have a look at the course from StartupCherry, a very insightful course on how to start a sure-fire business success.

We also chat to Nick Ferguson, partners with Barry and Jody who are behind some of Cape Town’s most interesting rejuvenation projects. Lastly, we are incredibly excited to see the roll out of the 21 Icons project from photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn. His first portrait is of Nelson Mandela and if it’s anything to go by, the next 20 icons will be just as captivating.

Design Annotator: Creative Entrepreneurs and Mandela’s Legacy Posters – plus Men with Beards

Design Annotator with Uno de Waal is a new column featuring the top design work from South Africa’s biggest online creative showcase, Between 10 and 5, curated by Publisher Uno de Waal @Unodewaal.

One of our most anticipated projects has completed and the response to the Mandela Poster Project could not have been better. The Mandela Poster Project honours Nelson Mandela’s legacy in a series of poster tributes. I’m a huge fan of the work produced, and we’ve curated the posters that we liked the most. Some of South Africa and the Worlds best illustrators contributed to the project – definitely one to check out. Probably the funniest projects we’ve featured this week has been Bernard Brand’s photo’s of dudes with beards. Bernard has amassed a collection that would make any hipster-loving copywriter crazy with envy. Our last video is from the electronic music act PHFat – their latest video is an eery black and white semi-horror. This month is also 10and5 Self Starter Series. We’ve delved deep to find South Africa’s top creative entrepreneurial talent. Our first interviews are with Dion Chang of Flux Trends and Ross Drakes of Nice Work. Check out more of the great work that South African creative entrepreneurs are doing in our Self-Starter section.

Communication failure: ‘Brand Obama’ tired and tarnished

by Kevern Verney, Edge Hill University An illustrious predecessor of Barack Obama once wrote: “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” But Thomas Jefferson didn’t have to live with today’s 24-hour media cycle – and while there’s no evidence that the current US president’s capacity for work has in any way dissipated in recent months, his luck – and more importantly his knack for media management – appears to have.

Take Obama’s visit to Africa this weekend. The only news anyone really wants from Africa right now concerns Nelson Mandela. The symbolism of Obama’s visit to Senegal’s slave ports has been swallowed up in the bedside vigil the whole world is keeping for Africa’s greatest statesman.

The situation is fraught with risk for the US president. Any visit to Mandela’s bedside risks being seen as a cynical move by Obama to boost his flagging popularity, while his speeches will be analysed for signs that he is trying too hard to link his own civil rights credentials to those of South Africa’s first and most beloved black president. Meanwhile, away from Mandela’s hospital bed, Obama faces hostile criticism of US trade policies and a “NoBama” campaign organised by South Africa’s biggest trade union.

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