#AdoftheYear: Top 10 Best South African Ads of 2014 [ads 10–6]

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) The Christmas decorations are out in the malls, the newspapers are full of brochures and seasonal specials, and the promise of a well-earned break is just around the corner. With two weeks to go until Marklives.com closes shop for the holidays, it’s time to do a countdown of the #Top10 Best South African Ads for 2014.

Brand Culture: Cultural language vs cultural meaning

by DK Badenhorst. Advertising can choose to build either on the simpler, on-the-surface language or leverage a deeper understanding of trends and culture. I don’t believe that there is necessarily a right or wrong when it comes to focus. Instead of right or wrong, I tend to ask: “Does it work, or does it not work?”

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