Influencers: Liquor advertisers running out of time

by Jason Stewart (@HaveYouHeard_SA) A ban on liquor advertising in South Africa (which has, for the past five years, been mooted as two years around the corner) will herald an era of dark marketing for the industry. Some brands will clear the hurdle without breaking their stride; others will falter predominantly because of what they are not doing now. Time is not on their side.

Influencers: The dilemma of having celebrity brand evangelists

by Jason Stewart (@HaveYouHeard_SA) One definition of endorsement is a ‘formal and explicit approval’. Another is ‘a signature that validates something’ as in “the cashier would not cash the check without an endorsement”. This highlights for me how important endorsement is.

Influencers: Brand evangelists and brand churches — if they build them, others will come

by Jason Stewart (@HaveYouHeard_SA) The same way religion spreads its message, marketers need to spread theirs. By helping disciples to build churches that recruit new users and turn them into passionate users, who in turn recruit new users, the ‘brand church’ grows.

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