The Ad Exec: Matriarchal marketing

by Tom Fels (@thomasfels) Our world is changing. It seems that our collective good is not served by the patriarchal approach and, in response, both leaders and brands across the world are turning toward a new matriarchal way of being that presents a far brighter outlook.

The Ad Exec: A projected future — Esquire trends for 2060

by Tom Fels (@thomasfels) At this time of year, we’re accustomed to trend projections for the year ahead, but what if we were to take our Esquire magazine lessons from the past 50-odd years and apply a lens on the next 50?

The Ad Exec: Ad exclusive — four decades of Esquire Magazine

by Tom Fels (@thomasfels) In December of 1967, Esquire magazine housed 308 pages filled to the brim with advertising, aimed at the ‘modern man’ — 166 ads in all. I know of this because, on New Year’s Day, I was gifted an advertising ‘time-capsule’ of several Esquire magazines dated from 1967 to 1971.

The Ad Exec: Don’t get caught in the business of advertising

by Tom Fels (@thomasfels) It’s not our fault; sometimes we get caught up — in a moment, in a project, in a year’s worth of projects — and we look up to find ourselves in a place we didn’t expect, a place we never intended to go, a place where the joy is gone from the work. All we are left with is… the business of advertising.

The Ad Exec: The diminishing returns of pitch culture

by Tom Fels (@thomasfels) I was astounded to see the launch of a new pitch app in the Netherlands — built by an agency — that assists clients to select a roster of prospective agencies. To my mind, it is an accelerator of a type of pitch culture in which clients are trading multiple agencies’ time, expertise and energy for short-term gain.

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