#AdForumSummit: Reinvigoration through PR, gender balance & trends

by Johanna McDowell. On Day 2 we visited MullenLowe, Project Worldwide, Oath, Kiip, WPP (Mark Read), TBWA and CP+B.

Ad of the Week: Through the virtual looking glass

by Oresti Patricios (@orestaki) Augmented reality (AR) is hardly a new concept – it’s been tried before and often the results have been gimmicky. But I think Appletiser’s AR “Appletiser Collectables” campaign for the “Months of Love” really works, for various reasons.

TBWA plans up to six acquisitions

by Herman Manson (@marklives) TBWA is looking at as many as six more acquisitions spread out over the next four quarters, says Derek Bouwer, ‎CEO at TBWA\South Africa. At the end of 2013, TBWA acquired 80% stake in youth marketing agency, HDI Youth Marketeers. It also increased its stake in marketing agency Openco to 51% from a previous holding of 30%.

Effective creativity – mutually exclusive or myth?

Is creativity and effectiveness mutually exclusive, what is the relationship and can it be defined? This question was put to a number of captains of industry who served on the 2013 APEX awards jury and this is what they had to say…

Vice Chairperson of the APEX awards jury and Chief Executive Office of award-winning agency, TBWA – Ivan Moroke said that the relationship between creativity and effectiveness has been debated by marketing moguls and advertising gurus for decades and agrees that creativity and effectiveness are indeed linked. He added that the impression that creativity is only relevant if one talks about producing brilliant, ground-breaking adverts, is false. Applying creativity is intrinsic to delivering effective advertising – one needs merely to broaden how we define and apply creativity. And, likewise, effectiveness shouldn’t just be associated with the kind of advertising that delivers business results. Effectiveness should be measured alongside creativity. Moroke provided a good example – “Even if the central idea is not driven by explicit creativity – these days creativity is often applied somewhere else in the communication mix in order to deliver the message effectively to the audience. The Apple brand is a typical example of this.”

This comes as little surprise. With innovations in mobile devices, the fragmentation of media channels and tsunami of social media that has changed the way we interact – little wonder that advertising agencies have had to apply creativity in ways beyond a pretty picture.

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