#3D: Make data your New Year resolution

by Prakash Patel (@prakashpatel_1) I would like to conclude the Five Steps to Data-Driven Marketing (DDM) by combining the final two steps, 4 and 5, as one as they are so closely connected — data management and marketing, and closing the loop from ‘cradle to grave’.

#3D: I’m not just a number — I am your customer!

by Prakash Patel (@prakashpatel_1) Data, data everywhere — but what does it really mean to us as marketers when often we only see data as numbers? Over the past few months, I’ve discussed the principles behind “Data Driven Marketing (DDM)”, “how to get strategic” and “building the foundation” — it’s now time to talk about data, the fundamental asset and crux of #DDM.

#3D: Perfect marriage between CMOs & CIOs

by Prakash Patel (@prakashpatel_1) Over the past few months, I have talked about the principles behind “Data-Driven Marketing”, through to “how to get strategic” as the first step in your approach to becoming a more data-driven organisation — the next step is to talk frankly about building the foundation within your business.

#3D: Five data-driven marketing steps to impress your boss

by Prakash Patel (@prakashpatel_1) Your CEO just asked what your data strategy is. Let’s keep calm and follow this simple, internationally followed, Five-Step Process to becoming a data-driven organisation that I’ve used for years and that will impress your boss!

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