AdForum Worldwide Summit NYC: Are ‘legacy’ agencies adapting?

by Johanna McDowell. Our expectations were that we’d hear new things from some agencies and updates from the ‘heritage’ agencies.

Ad Feature: Sometimes all it takes is a petrol pump oracle

Three Heroes this week and a chat about the latest #Durexthe1 “Extra Safe Single” campaign in South Africa!

S’HOT: ‘five o’clock shadow’

The brief: Create three executions for Gillette razors, playing on the idea of the ‘five o’clock shadow’ that appear on men’s faces if they don’t have a close enough shave. The five o’clock shadow in each execution was to be interpreted as the shadow of a monster, frightening the characters in the scene that are interacting with our hero. The style reference was Tim Burton and Edward Gorey – macabre black and white sketched characters in a slightly dark and distorted setting.

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