Tuned: It’s official — young people at the heart of SA’s future

by Thabang Leshilo. What higher purpose will you serve in 2016 and beyond to connect with millennial campaigners?

Tuned: Digital youth creatively defining African tech innovation

by Thabang Leshilo. There is a digital culture that is slowly beginning to take shape, with a uniquely African expression.

Tuned: Banting, superfoods and meditation — fads or growing trends?

by Thabang Leshilo (@Thabang_Leshilo) We can’t deny it; South Africans are a nation of foodies and lovers of all things tasty, sometimes to the detriment of our health, if obesity, diabetes and cholesterol statistics don’t lie. However, health-consciousness, that which used to be the pursuit of fanatics and more affluent consumers, has of late become mainstream.

Tuned: Frank reality — inspiration in a perfect world

by Thabang Leshilo (@Thabang_Leshilo) There is a global cultural shift in social perceptions and behaviours which is expected to have a powerful impact upon the future. The glossy world is being discarded, the reality of people rejecting perfection and abandoning their immaculately curated online selves. Instead, the gritty is becoming aspirational — genuine candour valued as people seek out interactions that are authentic and open.

Tuned: Social media — fuel for music festival fire

by Thabang Leshilo (@Thabang_Leshilo) The South African music festival of the past was a simple thing, featuring a few local acts performing to a small crowd of enthusiasts. Today, festivals such as Oppikoppi and AfrikaBurn are the stuff that legends are made of. So, what’s all the fuss about and what’s driving this trend?

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