Tuned: Social media — fuel for music festival fire

by Thabang Leshilo (@Thabang_Leshilo) The South African music festival of the past was a simple thing, featuring a few local acts performing to a small crowd of enthusiasts. Today, festivals such as Oppikoppi and AfrikaBurn are the stuff that legends are made of. So, what’s all the fuss about and what’s driving this trend?

Delicious, Tomorrowland comes to South Africa

by Kim Penstone When Lloyd Cornwall first visited Neighbourgoods in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, he realised that he had stumbled right into a brand-new lifestyle grouping of South Africans. People whom, at first sight, would have very little in common, yet brought together by Neighbourgoods.

What he saw was a completely integrated crowd – in his words, white, black and Indian. Couples in their 30s. Families with young children. Older couples, with no children. And he started thinking about food.

A music man at heart, Cornwall is perhaps most famous for bringing the Ministry of Sound brand to South Africa. His company Massive recently joined forces with VWV, to create VWV Massive, which combines the entertainment and sponsorship expertise of Massive with South Africa’s biggest event company.

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