Obama poster says Be The Change

According to The Huffington Post street artist Spepard Fairy has been chosen to design the official Obama inauguration poster. The poster declares BE THE CHANGE and is based on famous Fairey’s initial design that helped shape the image of Obama’s campaign and became a pop culture icon.

But has Zapiro gone far enough?

Zapiro asks how far will Zuma and his allies go in undermining our legal system for self gain and then suggests the answer. It is a legitimate if shocking comment on the current state of power politics in the country.

A future of division, factionalism, stagnation and patronage?

The ANC under Jacob Zuma shows signs of losing its way, says The Economist in its August 7 edition, under the headline “A future of division, factionalism, stagnation and patronage”. Does this headline really reflect the mood of the nation?

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