Tech Law: SA law advances dealing with social Web issues in Facebook defamation ruling

by Paul Jacobson (@pauljacobson) The innocuous looking case of H v W which was handed down in the South Gauteng High Court on 30 January 2013 is anything but. Judge Willis’ 30 page judgment recognises the harm a Facebook post can do to a person’s reputation and throws the weight of the Court behind the person defamed (and who can afford the legal fees).

SMEs struggle fighting illegitimate trade mark infringement claims

Legal blog Afro Leo recently took a closer look at the difficulties faced by small companies in defending trade mark infringement claims. Is there a case for the introduction of legislation against unlawful trade mark infringement threats? The issue is of such import and relevance to our industry that MarkLives decided to reprint the post.

Kyk nou net

Afrikaans language TV channel KykNet is suing strip club Teazers for a billboard using the words ‘Kyk Net’. Some IP lawyers are getting away with blatant misuse of the spirit of IP law (not the kindest spirit to start off with but still) by issuing threats against businesses using generic words like ‘orange’ (as a recent ludicrous example) , or generic phrases like ‘Kyk Net,’ in their marketing material.

But has Zapiro gone far enough?

Zapiro asks how far will Zuma and his allies go in undermining our legal system for self gain and then suggests the answer. It is a legitimate if shocking comment on the current state of power politics in the country.

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