Shelf Life: FCB Joburg, Ola! Films take SA Tourism on a sho’t left

SA Tourism extends Sho’t Left campaign; Drifter brewery turns beer drinkers into owners; and Moir’s launches the mug cake — Cheryl Hunter’s weekly pick of product, packaging, design, insight, food, décor and more!

Ad of the Week: Burger King gets fancy with le burger

by Oresti Patricio. Jupiter Cape Town and Ola! Films serve up a healthy dollop of tongue-in-cheek for Burger King’s new Tendercrisp offering.

Ad Feature: Technology goes uber-fashionable!

King Price and Intel/NYFW — one Zero, one Hero — and a chat to Cinemark about participating in the first-ever global cinema ad campaign!

Creating clever commercials for people who hate ads

By Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) I resent advertising. Like a reformed smoker I used to work in the industry and consult to technology and other brands about how to get more people to buy their stuff. I watched loads of television in those days but nowadays the pathetic appeal of DStv programming and the fact that Ira Glass lives on iTunes has changed things. Advertising’s a grudge experience for me, and on the days I do watch Gordon Ramsay, Californication or Dexter, it is great to be surprised by supremo advertising that’s better than the boring norm. For the most part local commercials are wall paper, but it’s a knock-out when someone comes along who just gets what advertising should be about.

Amy Allais of Ola Films is one of those people. She makes advertising that doesn’t make me want to jab a thumb in my eye. More than that – she makes advertising I actually enjoy. That I’ll watch again on YouTube, because it’s funny, smart, a visual feast, tells a story, captures the cultural zeitgeist or all of the above. Yes, I’ll come out and admit it. I’m an Allais fan girl. She had me at Vodacom’s “All The Single Ladies” and by the time “Daddy Cool” came around I was a convert.

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