Publishers explain ABCs hits, misses

The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) released the local print media’s 2011 first quarter circulation figures earlier this week and, as usual, it makes for interesting reading. A couple of figures really jump out as worth investigating.

PICAs aim to regain credibility

Where there are award shows, there is grumbling. About the judges, the rules, the loopholes. The “something-for-everyone” mentality draws in entry fees and fills up gala functions – just ask the local ad industry. The statues are there, if only all of them came out attached with a healthy dose of credibility.

The PICAs are the only ranking magazine award in South Africa but the narrow content categories, particularly in the business-to-business section of the awards, coupled with an ineffective system of judging, meant plenty of trophies doing the rounds with less and less prestige attached to them.

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