Clicks ’n Tricks: The frustrating opacity of customer acquisition

by Charlie Stewart. We marketers continue to think we’re the only people who should be trusted to handle the complex process of customer acquisition.

Fair Exchange: South Africa’s cellular network providers are holding us to ransom

by Erna George. It wasn’t easy finding an industry less consumer-friendly than South Africa’s financial services industry when it comes to the use of legalese – no, no, no, no. Silly me. It was a piece of pie.

And which is it? It’s South Africa’s mobile communications industry. Yes, the industry that ‘connects people’, ‘helps them stay in touch with the world’.

Just recently (on holiday in our country), I found myself interacting with folk from all four corners of the globe – and all were astounded at what we have to put up with just to ‘connect with people’ and ‘stay in touch with the world’.

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