The Martini Shot: The state of SA commercial production 2018/19

by Bobby Amm. The CPA recently released the results of its annual survey that aims to measure the size and scope of the commercial production sector in SA over May 2018–April 2019.

The Martini Shot: A look at the status of SA’s film services industry

by Bobby Amm. The past year has been one of flux in the South African film services industry. So, to close off the year, here are the six top topics of 2017.

Masterclass Notes: Update on IP law and the CPA, plus social media and the law

by Johanna McDowell (@jomcdowell) It was a bumper, third masterclass session for marketers, with Danie Strachan of Adams & Adams Attorneys providing a huge amount of very important information regarding intellectual property law and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), as well as social media and the law.

Demystifying the CTR vs. CPA debate

MarkLives asked Michelle Pearman, a media planner at Digivox, to discuss what determines a successful online media campaign. Here Pearman tries to demystify several metrics used for measuring the success of your online campaign and weighs which one brings you closer to meeting your marketing objectives.

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In a world of measurable marketing initiatives, what exactly constitutes a successful campaign? You design a great ad. People click on it. Objective met? Unlikely.

CTR (Click-Through-Rate) has been considered the benchmark for many years surrounded by debates on what constitutes a good CTR. Is this a discussion worth having?

If the objective is to sell tickets to an event, wouldn’t you care more about how many tickets you sold, and what the return on investment on your marketing buck is?

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