Kissing is not a crime

e.TV is “clearly a crime-kisser”, according to our gung-ho police commissioner Bheki Cele, for broadcasting a segment in which two criminals held forth on their plans to do what criminals do best, rob people and shoot anybody interfering.

The Huffington Post conned with previously published racist nonsense – before removing it without explanation

Following our story on how The Huffington Post published a blog post by Jeffrey Hoffman on the 2010 World Cup, before pulling it without explanation, we can now reveal that Hoffman was passing them second hand goods and racist nonsense to boot. The Huffington Post story, titled ‘Could The 2010 World Cup Be A Disaster In the Making?’ was published January 14, 2010. It was also published January 30, 2008 on several sites owned by Hoffman, including and, under the headline ‘The 2010 World Cup in South Africa – A Disaster In the Making’.

Huffington Post publish 2010 nightmare story, then pulls it without explanation

Just as the New York Times prepares to start charging for their carefully fact-checked content The Huffington Post goes and make their case for them. The Huffington Post published a piece by Jeffrey Hoffman headlined “Could The 2010 World Cup Be A Disaster In the Making?” (Posted: January 14, 2010 09:15 AM), thought better of it, and then pulled it from its website to the apparent surprise of the author. It can still be accessed at this URL but does not appear on a public list of stories attributed to Hoffman.

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