Shelf Life: Kidswear market booming, thanks to social media

Kidswear is trending, Ornico banks on Joburg CBD, and “Read to Remember” says Publisher Research Council — Cheryl Hunter’s weekly pick!

The Africa Annual 2013, brought to you by Ornico and MarkLives

The story of economic growth in Africa has been topical globally, with some of the most disappointing reports coming from leading publications. However for us Africans, the glass is definitely half full, with inspiring stories coming from the most ordinary of people. Ornico and MarkLives have teamed up to present our first ‘The Africa Annual’, a compilation of some of Africa’s remarkable stories and resources for businesses; and media, marketing and branding enthusiasts.

Oreo gets Licked and Liked

What could be less controversial than the iconic Oreo cookie? Well, try an Oreo with rainbow crème filling. Nabisco, a division of Kraft Foods made a calculated marketing move in June 2012—which amongst other things is LGBT Pride month—by posting an image of a pro-pride cookie on their Facebook page. By Oresti Patricios, CEO Ornico

The imaginary cookie had a six-layer rainbow-coloured filling, reminiscent of the pride flag; below was the simple text: “June 25 | Pride”. It went viral, and attracted kudos from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

Within 24 hours, the company’s Facebook post had 177 000 likes, 52 000 shares and 22 463 comments. There were negative remarks from anti-gay commentators, but most of the comments were supportive of Oreo’s marketing intent. And the debate has resulted in free publicity for the product, made by Nabisco, a brand owned by Kraft.

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