Power Report: Don’t let “Can I speak to a manager?” get lost in translation

by Megan Power. Suggesting that only Karens call for the manager focuses attention on the complainant, instead of the unjust policy or service failing.

Fair Exchange: Balancing brand vs consumer needs in managing complaints

by Erna George. How may companies find the balance between what’s good for the consumer and what’s good for the brand? Today I take a closer look at the “how to” of dealing with complaints.

Brand Politics: The gift of protest

by Alistair Mackay (@almackay) “A customer that complains is a good customer,” said an entrepreneur while explaining his business idea to me recently. It’s definitely the right attitude to have, and an attitude that would do our politics — and brands — a huge amount of good.

Fair Exchange: Dear brand manager, complaints may be a blessing

by Erna George. If a consumer finds the time and energy to complain, it is an opportunity. However, customer complaints may in a few extreme cases reflect the silliness or the greed of some. Good or bad, the exchange between brands and complainants does not mean that there has to be a winner and loser.

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