Who should drive client relationships in the agency?

by Michelle Beh. Should it be the client service director? Or should it be the creative director who’s ultimately responsible for delivering the solutions that clients are looking for?

The Business of Business: Where do creative directors come from?

by Jerry Mpufane (@JerryMpufane) If the advertising agency business is all about the work, then where does the attitude, influence, inspiration, and the vision behind the work come from? Many of us accept that a myriad of skill sets in the creative campaign value chain can influence the work. But, who holds the cards?

AdVantage magazine’s execs Cape Town’s execs most admire

AdVantage magazine set out to discover which agencies, agency bosses and creative directors other Cape Town agency execs most admire. Twenty one of Cape Town’s agency leaders were invited to nominate their most admired agency in Cape Town, the most admired creative director in Cape Town and the most admired agency boss in Cape Town. Finally they were asked to nominate the agency with most success in integrating digital into its offering. Obviously nobody could nominate their own agency or staff. All the nominations were then tallied up to see who Cape Town’s adland most admire. @marklives did the tallying.

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