Creation: Why I don’t do group brainstorming

by Artwell Nwaila (@artwelln) The creative world lives for group brainstorming; once a big brief comes in, the whole team is called in to one room to bounce ideas around. This is probably true as the practice was created by an ad executive in the 1940s. For me, this is the wrong way to harvest fresh ideas.

Creation: A quick guide to pissing off creatives

by Artwell Nwaila (@artwelln) In April 2013, Harvard Business Review published an article by Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, titled “Seven Rules for Managing Creative People”. I could go on for days about this crazy article but instead have chosen to provide seven more ways to piss off creatives.

Creation: An honest letter to a younger creative me

by Artwell Nwaila (@artwelln) Over the past couple of years, I’ve given many talks and lectures at tertiary institutions at which I am asked the same question over and over, regardless of the discussion topic: “What advice would you give young creatives who are about to enter the industry?” So, today, I offer an arty-farty letter to a younger, skinnier, prettier me.

Creation: Death by uninspired political posters

by Artwell Nwaila (@artwelln) Imagine a world where political parties attempt to get creative when it comes to voting season. A place where thought is put into a tagline beyond the dull call to action: “Vote for me”. A world where campaign posters capture your attention like a well-crafted full circle campaign.

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