Design Annotator: Cloudy with a Chance of Pixels

by Uno de Waal (@Unodewaal) The inaugural Cloudy with a Chance of Pixels creative symposium was held in Johannesburg on Thursday, 10 April. Touching on everything from the ‘third industrial revolution’ to a timeline of design’s influence on nation building; 12 dynamic speakers shared their stories, insights, lessons and observations throughout the course of the day.

Millennial Ad-Grad: Lessons from digital activists

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) As the communication industry moves on a journey from message dictation to message discovery, there is much marketers may learn from other disciplines of persuasion. Perhaps the most powerful persuasion community in the modern world are those of digital activists, as massive communities are established, engaged and empowered to drive action in an instant.

Design Annotator: Mandela Posters, Illustrations and a video bonanza

Design Annotator with Uno de Waal is a new column featuring the top design work from South Africa’s biggest online creative showcase, Between 10 and 5, curated by Publisher Uno de Waal @Unodewaal.

This week we’re featuring some amazing video work from three great different film makers. &Anonymous launched their brand with a video inspired by the collection of collaborators they work with, and Dave Meinert and Wayne de Lange have made a pretty interesting camera rig to film a promotional video for a surf festival.

As everyone, we’re incredibly saddened by the ill health of Nelson Mandela and we’ve thrown our backing behind a very exciting project to honour his legacy through the Mandela Poster Project. We hope designers feel inspired and get behind the project. On the advertising front, Ikineo has recently completed one of the more interesting retail and digital combinations we’ve seen – this is definitely a space to watch and they’ve done some great work with local menswear shop LOOM.

EXCLUSIVE: Exposing ‘& Anonymous’

Don’t be surprised when you are greeted at the door of & Anonymous by a bearded man sporting a pink Barbie-topped balaclava. Or a leather-clad woman in a diamante-studded, gimp-like mask. Or anything in between, provided it hides the wearer’s face. The founders of & Anonymous are simply living the new company’s credo;

“A lot of agencies say it, but we wanted to live it: it’s time that the work came first. So we don’t need a name, and you don’t need to know our faces. It’s time to drop the ego, and focus on the ideas.”

Unfortunately, for the purposes of a media launch, names and faces are crucial. So the balaclavas are removed, revealing Joy Turnbull, ex Network BBDO Deputy MD; Brad Reilly ex Jupiter Drawing Room Chief Creative Officer; and Darren Cronje, ex Jupiter Creative Director.

Together, they have over 40 years of experience in the marketing, brand building and advertising arena, having worked their way up the ladder from junior account director and creatives to leaders and board members of two of South Africa’s top agencies. They have built brands from scratch, turned them around from certain death, collected a treasure trove of awards both locally and abroad, and monetised ideas for clients ranging from small localised businesses to global megabrands such as Coca-Cola.

But, as is often the case in any form of big business, the further the trio advanced in their careers, the more removed they became from the work.

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