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This week we’re featuring some amazing video work from three great different film makers. &Anonymous launched their brand with a video inspired by the collection of collaborators they work with, and Dave Meinert and Wayne de Lange have made a pretty interesting camera rig to film a promotional video for a surf festival.

As everyone, we’re incredibly saddened by the ill health of Nelson Mandela and we’ve thrown our backing behind a very exciting project to honour his legacy through the Mandela Poster Project. We hope designers feel inspired and get behind the project. On the advertising front, Ikineo has recently completed one of the more interesting retail and digital combinations we’ve seen – this is definitely a space to watch and they’ve done some great work with local menswear shop LOOM.

Featured: Amber Smith


Amber Smith is an illustrator currently completing her final year of design studies at Open Window. Her first solo exhibition called Lapis Lazuli is on show at Wolves in Johannesburg.

She let us know about her illustration style and palette, “I’m influenced by a wide variety of styles and I enjoy trying to bring them together, but in general I would say that my work leans slightly more toward the traditional side of things. Because I experiment quite a bit with mediums I often layer them together and add a lot of detailed line work to keep it interesting. I also tend to use a lot of blue shades, which is one of the reasons I named my exhibition Lapis Lazuli; a blue metamorphic rock used to create blue pigment. The other reason is that it’s really fun to say.”

View more of Ambers Illustration work

Salon91 | One in a Million


The One in a Million group show opens at Salon91 on Wednesday evening and runs until 20 July.

The participating artists include some of Salon91′s favourite up and coming talents. They have been challenged by the gallery to create a new/submit a masterpiece that they believe to be a truly once-off original. The pieces should be an archetypal example of their practice, which answers to the theme and title phrase ‘One in a Million’. Each artist will only submit one piece. The gallery says, “The artists have really let their imaginations run wild with interpretations ranging from ideas around authenticity, rarity, preciousness, love, the night sky, fleeting moments, intricacy, endangered species, statistics & formulas, to the use of sparkly materials/precious metals within their work. Expect to see sculpture, painting, drawing, typography, digitally created works and more.”

Find out more about the art exhibition at Salon91.

Made In Newtown: NewARC Studios


Collaboration, interaction and support are at the heart of Newtown’s artist’s studios, NewARC. We chatted to Anthea and Louise of the non-profit organisation Assemblage to find out more about the space.

Where is your space and how long has it been there?

Assemblage’s Newtown Artist Run Centre (NewARC) is located in Newtown at 41 Gwi Gwi Mwrebi Street. We are right next door CityVarsity/Carfax, with our entrance on the north side of the building (in a boomed off nameless street). The studios opened 1 April 2012.

Read the rest of the interview with NewARC Studios

Vital Viral Boost | The World’s Smallest Big Idea


In the run-up to flu season, Draftfcb Cape Town was tasked with promoting Vital Viral Boost, a supplement to strengthen immunity. The challenge was to break through the clutter of wobblers, danglers and shelf-talkers that typically litter pharmacy shelves. The idea was to inform consumers how easily cold and flu germs spread while establishing Vital Viral Boost as the first choice cold/flu supplement.

See the rest of the Vital Viral Boost Campaign

A New Agency Featured: & Anonymous


New ideas company & Anonymous launched with this conceptual, collaborative short film, Tri-Circ-Circ. As well as being a showcase of their style and tone, it serves as an example of their unique business model. The core & Anonymous team is Brad Reilly, Joy Turnbull and Darren Cronje but when answering a brief they have a team of 25+ collaborators (agencies, production companies and individuals) to call upon. The & Anonymous contributors specialise in a wide variety of creative fields, from strategy, digital media, social media and blogging to production, film, music, graphic design, spatial design and events. For each project, a team is built from these partners and led by & Anonymous. The model allows us them to execute across all of these touch points at a world-class standard.

See the rest of the portraits from &Anonymous

Young South Africa: Punk & Ivy


Today’s Young South Africa showcase shines the spotlight on a Johannesburg style duo who are keeping it local and making that lekker. Punk & Ivy is the fashion, wardrobe, styling and bespoke consultancy boutique of Khaya Bhubesii and Bianca Miles.

Look at more of the fashionable items from Punk & Ivy

Back To Core | Jbay Winter Fest Video

Filmmakers Dave Meinert and Wayne de Lange recently released this unique footage featuring professional surfer Tanika Hoffman, shot entirely with a GoPro Hero 3 on a custom built 360 degree spinning rig. The team pushed the boundaries of what can be created on a consumer camera by using the modified rig that constantly spins around Tanika as she surfs, skates, cycles and runs in preparation for the upcoming multi-disciplinary sporting festival, Jbay Winter Fest.

Loom x iKineo | Integrated Campaign

iKineo recently completed an exciting integrated campaign for local menswear store Loom. The first element of the campaign was 3 interactive window displays at their men’s multi-brand fashion shop in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Customers can interact with the products displayed in the windows using their NFC-enabled smartphones. By simply scanning over a specific area on the window, passers-by can play with the products and make purchases through a mobile site that mirrors and introduces the new Loom online store.

View the full portfolio of integrated work from Loom and Ikineo

Mandela Poster Project


In honour of Nelson Mandela’s life-long contribution to humanity, the international creative community has initiated the Mandela Poster Project as an independent volunteer initiative to celebrate his life through a collection of posters. The project, which started as the idea of two South African designers, was launched on the 7th of this month. The aim is to collect 95 exceptional posters from around the world and thereby contribute to the fundraising activities of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust.

Find out how you can submit your poster design to the Mandela Poster Project



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