Millennial Ad-Grad: Lessons from digital activists

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) As the communication industry moves on a journey from message dictation to message discovery, there is much marketers may learn from other disciplines of persuasion. Perhaps the most powerful persuasion community in the modern world are those of digital activists, as massive communities are established, engaged and empowered to drive action in an instant.

Millennial Ad-Grad: Africa is rising

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) Growing up, the ‘brain drain’ was a phenomenon often talked about and highlighted in conversations around struggling emerging markets, particularly in South Africa. But the tides have indeed turned, and as the next generation of marketers in Africa, we find ourselves in a rather exciting place.

Millennial Ad-Grad: Marketing lessons from Brand Obama

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) Arguably one of the most memorable arrivals to South African shores in recent years was that a few weeks back of US President Barack Obama – the man who during his first presedential election captured the imagination of the world through his message of hope and change for all. While President Obama always has and always will have his fair share of critics, I found myself captivated by his trip, his message for our country, simply, by brand Obama.

As disciplines, politics and marketing are social science cousins. In fact, politics is marketing. It’s about projecting and selling an image, talking to human aspiration and bringing people together through common interests and shared values.

But what underpins brand Obama? And what we as marketers can learn from his brand?

Millennial Ad-Grad: Why we choose the ideas business

by Faheem Chaudhry (@FaheemChaudhry) I’m sure some of you are familiar with a brilliant documentary called ‘Art & Copy’. It opens with an insightful musing by ad-legend Hal Riney:

“The frightening and most difficult thing about being what somebody calls a creative person is that you have absolutely no idea where any of your thoughts come from really, and especially, you don’t have any idea where they are going to come from tomorrow”.

It had me thinking. What Riney spoke about may well be the greatest challenge for ad-folk, and especially for young people entering the industry. There’s an air of uncertainty that comes with solving a new business problem with the right creative thinking. But I like to believe it’s also our primary driving force. Its unpredictable nature excites us,inspires us and is the reason that when the right ideas are born, they effect change in business to levels that other business services simply cannot reach.

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