Fair Exchange: Are reward programmes for loyal consumers or new signups?

by Erna George. Professor Byron Sharp, in his book “How brands grow”, asserts that loyalty is not a sustainable driver of brand volume growth, calling into question the longevity of loyalty programmes and stating that these may “work a little but have limited impact on overall loyalty”.

Fair Exchange: Call me!

by Erna George. So many brands that do initiate conversations seem to take the role of a parent talking to a child: the conversations are one-sided, directive and sometimes distracted. What with the shift in power towards the consumer (slow though it may be in South Africa), the opportunity to have dialogue as equals is enormous.

Fair Exchange: Loyalty smoyalty

by Erna George. Brands partner consumers in many ways and finding ways to keep what should be a two-way partnership exciting is a challenge given all the many distractions around. One device employed seemingly at the drop of a hat in South Africa is the loyalty programme.

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