Dissident Spin Doctor: Hire the person, not the talent

by Emma King. Skills may be taught and people may be invested in — but there’s nothing that may be done with someone who has a bad attitude.

Dissident Spin Doctor: Secrets they never tell you about starting a PR shop

by Emma King. A friend has just started out on her own and has asked me for tips on what I’ve learnt since I started my own PR shop just over a year ago.

Dissident Spin Doctor: PR needs to get serious about content

by Emma King (@EmmainSA) What is great PR? It’s a question I sometime get asked by clients, and I do believe for each brand and client the answer will be different. But common to all of them, I think, is the ability to create a story or capture people interest with stuff that they want to hear or read.

Dissident Spin Doctor: A slice of inspiration from going global

by Emma King (@EmmainSA) I’ve just returned from my first-ever visit to NYC. As I explored the city, there were a couple of things I thought about that we back here in South Africa could take on board as a learning and an inspiration.

Dissident Spin Doctor: Business lessons from Masterchef

by Emma King (@EmmainSA) Slumped on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, watching a handful of frantic Aussies desperately spill and burn things while the clock ticks — one wouldn’t think it was the ideal place to learn life (or business) lessons. But life is funny like that and sometimes the greatest little gems of insight pop up when least expected.

Dissident Spin Doctor: How can we sell something if we don’t believe in it ourselves?

by Emma King (@EmmainSA) It’s been a relief to start my own business and make a few rules of my own. Joining the first hard-and-fast rule is the second, but equally important one — that I don’t work with any brands or businesses that I don’t fully believe in or like.

Dissident Spin Doctor: The death of traditional PR

by Emma King (@EmmainSA) I’ve been banging on about it for ages, but it is becoming ever more prevalent and I do feel I need to take a stand and shout it out. Traditional PR is dead. And any agency that continues to do so is wasting the time and money of its long-suffering clients.

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