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  • Retailers continue to use collectibles to drive feet in-store
  • Engen, FCB Cape Town offer a Formula 1 clean
  • First Choice launches winter custard with Boomtown

Collectibles keep ’em coming

Both Checkers and Pick n Pay have recently run massive collectible giveaways in-store — not a new marketing concept but clearly one that keeps customers coming back and drives feet through the door, if all the social media hype is to be believed.

This year, Checkers shrank another 30 of South Africa’s most-recognisable brands, including Zoo biscuits, Ouma rusks and You magazine, to launch a new set of collectibles following on the launch of its Little Shop in 2016. Customers receive two Little Shop mini products for every R150 spent in-store and are, in turn, offered collectables cases, Little Shop counters, mini trolleys and shopping baskets as well as aprons to purchase.

Pick n Pay’s South African Super Animals campaign centered on Super Animals Sound Cards, a range of 108 paper cards that could be collected, played and swapped. Again, four free Super Animals cards were offered — along with sound cards — for every R150, plus a sticker book and an app to download.

The nag factor formula clearly works as this is the second Super Animals campaign for PnP and it’s a marketing strategy used by retailers around the world.

Shelf Life hopes future freebie toys will become recyclable because plastic pollution is a major issue that needs to be addressed. Retailers play an important role here and need to take it into account when they produce promotions on a scale such as these.


Free waterless carwash in under two minutes

Simulating the speed and enhanced performance of a real Formula One pit experience, 700 Engen motorists were treated to a free waterless carwash by a pit crew. They demonstrated Engen’s improved performance and economy as part of the launch of Engen Primax Unleaded.

Engen carwash crewThe campaign strategy, unleashed on motorists by FCB Cape Town, was to leverage the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Motorsport Formula One team’s success and celebrate Engen’s new advanced fuel, which answers motorists’ calls for petrol that provides superior performance and fuel economy, as established by recent research into the South African fuels market by Engen.

With motorists often under time pressure, Engen needed to get the job done quickly while simulating an exciting high-impact F1 experience with real audio and visual experience. Says Heather Thomas, Engen advertising & promotions consultant, “The pit crew consisted of 47 crew members, arranged in three teams, who all worked together to meet the under two-minute deadline. “The fastest wash came in at one minute 35 seconds, and the pit crew travelled 3 829km with activations at 10 Engen sites, including three national highway routes.”

A traditional carwash wastes on average 150l of water per wash so Thomas collaborated with Perfect Car Wash: “In light of the severe water restrictions in the Western Cape and recent drought in our country, we partnered with Perfect Car wash who offered our motorists an eco-friendly waterless experience.”

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Musical dessert

The First Choice winter custard campaign, created by Boomtown, launches countrywide this week on a musical note.

Says Boomtown account manager, Jess Massyn, “Everything in life is better when you have someone else by your side, and the campaign uses lyrics from famous songs plays on this and highlights how First Choice’s rich, creamy custard makes desserts taste better.”

The custard brand is light-hearted and the team wanted to have some fun and give the product some character and personality with a 3D effect.

In-store media will be accompanied by interactive experiences, including sampling: “Shoppers who buy any First Choice custard stand the chance to win R5 000 weekly.” • FacebookTwitterRamify


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