Share runs a regular slot featuring the best local and international magazine covers every week. We recognise well thought out, powerful and interesting (and hopefully all three in one) magazine covers and celebrate the mix of pragmatism, creativity and personal taste that created each of them. By media blogger MediaSlutZA.


G Magazine, 2012 (NSFW)

This long standing gay mag (ok – it’s porn) out of Brazil recently updated their look. I’ve included this cover, because I thought the use of the “G” all of the cover was very clever, striking and very sexy.

Esquire, March 2012

I’m subscribed to Esquire so when I received my March issue on Tuesday, I didn’t think too much about it when I saw Jon Hamm on the cover, with the coverline ANIMAL in big red letters. Only later when I started reading the issue did I realise it was actually a fold-out cover. When you unfold the very smart (and intricate) cover, it shows a half-naked Kate Upton, with the coverline “Annihilate the mammal…” A great execution by the Art Department.

Runner’s World, March 2012

The March cover itself isn’t very special, but when you turn the cover, you see a very noticeable and very smart execution of advertising that works so well… Cudo’s to the BMW and Runner’s World advertising teams.

Men’s Health and Sports Illustrated, March 2012

Both titles are part of Media24, both target the same market. Both knew they were bringing out relatively similar covers, simultaneously, featuring  Francois Hougaard showing off his tattoo…

According to Sports Illustrated there was no mistake: “No Mistake, we both knew. We discussed the covers beforehand, and thought it was a great idea,” says their tweet when asked about the similar covers.

If this is a test I would love to see the results. Let us know what you think – dumb of smart? [Maybe they saved on the shoot – ed.]

Marie Claire, March 2012 (Annual Naked Issue)

The Annual Marie Claire Naked Issue is something many people look forward to. Not only to see who’s in it, but also who is honoured enough to be on the cover. This year, Jack Parow and his parter Jenna Pietersen are the lucky two. Previously, there has been some Photoshop/retouching scandal, but all things considered, this is a really strong, clean cover, with a toned down version of Jack Parrow, and an uber-sexy Jenna. It’s a much talked about cover, and I’m sure it will show in the copy sales. Visit MediaSlutZA to read my review of the issue.

– The (for now anonymous) blogger behind MediaSlutZA knows way too much for his own good about media in South Africa. Magazines in particular. His mission is to show when South African magazines might fail, but most importantly, succeed. If you’re looking for a library about South African magazines and news, your one-stop pitstop is MediaSlutZA. #MagazinesForTheWin

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