A very civilised CityMob

A series of Facebook pages, started several years ago, has been so successful that its creator has teamed up with two friends to start a group-buying business called CityMob off the back of it. Daniel Solomon started the I Like Cape Town fan page on Facebook on a whim and has seen it grow to a group with over 30 000 members.

Solomon and his partners also run I Like Durban (with over 40 000 fans), I Like Johannesburg (more than 5000 fans), I like PE (over 8000 fans) and I Like South Africa (over 36 000 fans).

Groupon South Africa promises you a good deal

In January 2011, they were two guys working hard to keep their group media buying site Twangoo running with a handful of freelance sales staff. Less than three months later, they have 40 staffers, a new office in Loop Street, Cape Town, and possibly the hottest thing since Facebook as their backers. That’s because Groupon acquired Twangoo in January 2011 and tasked its co-founders, Wayne Gosling and Dan Guasco, with establishing the Groupon brand in South Africa.

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