How to save TopTV: let customers pick packages of channels at various prices

by Gill Moodie (@GrubstreetSA) Don’t be afraid of competition in the market, say the business handbooks, but rather assess you rivals’ strengths and weaknesses. Everyone does this in business plans and it helps new entries in the market or smaller players to spot the gaps and opportunities.

But what do you do when you’re playing in a market that is utterly dominated by one big player – as On Digital Media’s TopTV that was rescued recently in a complex takeover deal by China’s digital pay-TV company StarTimes – found with Naspers’ DStv Multichoice?

Did TopTV ever actually stand a chance?

DStv was already so entrenched in the local market – and across Africa too. It had nailed down that absolutely essential – and enormously expensive – element of pay-TV: local and international sports rights.

And it had the ability (and savvy) to counter the new entry’s threat by putting money into a big marketing drive for a cheaper bouquet, the Compact, to sign up lower-LSM subscribers that were TopTV’s target market.

Turner Broadcasting System sees growth in African pay-TV market

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), a Time Warner Company, delivers a number of news and entertainment pay television brands to African audiences through partnerships with MultiChoice (DStv) and On Digital Media’s (ODM) TopTV. Its channels are also available on some smaller platforms across Africa.

TopTV still scoping ad sales, HD

TopTV has denied reports that it is coming to market with an advertising offering by July 2011. Elouise Kelly, VP: marketing at TopTV, says the group is still in the process of looking at costs and setting budgets etc. No timeline has yet been approved by the board and no rate card has been issued as yet. A contingent of sales staff has also yet to be appointed.

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