Windows 7 Review: Windows as it should be?

On April 30 Microsoft unveiled the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) – the final Beta version of the upcoming release of its new operating system – to the developer community. Today (5 May) it goes live to the public. The initial Beta released in January has been polished, updated and improved. Microsoft have also included new functionality, namely XP mode, which uses Virtualisation to run older XP programmes natively in Windows 7, promising 100% XP compatibility. Will this release be the one to finally set aside Windows XP (and kill off Vista)? STEVEN AMBROSE blows his download data cap again, downloads all the bits, and puts Windows 7 RC to the test.

Photoshop CS4: a quick tour

The guys at Adobe must derive much perverse pleasure from keeping us mortals on our toes, or perhaps they’re just a particularly motivated bunch of guys. I’m not sure, but just when you thought it was OK to sit back, relax and sink your teeth into CS3, Creative Suite 4 parades across our software landscape amidst much fanfare and mouse-clicking.Adobe’s latest incarnation is packed with new features that will no doubt entice the most reticent of users to reach for their wallets.

Mark Shuttleworth tells the NYTimes about code, dollar billionaire status and Ubuntu

The NYTimes just ran an in-depth article on Mark Shuttleworth and his evangelism for the Linux based Ubuntu operating system, referring to him as “the charismatic 35-year-old billionaire from South Africa who functions as the spiritual and financial leader of this coding clan.”

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