Cultural relevance — more than just a #hashtag

by Vikash Gajjar. It’s no longer enough for brands to just ‘join the conversation’ to up their cultural relevance. Brands need to stand up and stand for something.

Q5: Beyond the hashtag with Ingrid Lotze & Gavin Moffat [interview]

by Carey Finn. The co-founders of join.the.dots Academy and Hers&His weigh in on the way we talk about social justice, and what brands can do to help.

An Accountant in Adland: ‘Showing up’ in a new era [S2 E2]

by Siwe Thusi. From the streets to the ether, the toyi-toying is now the sounds of ping notifications flooding in from hashtags in tweets and posts.

Media Redefined: The fallacy of engagement

by Martin MacGregor (@MartMacG) Is the hashtag in fashion or what? It has been building momentum since the launch of Twitter, but in 2015 we seem to be drowning in a constant stream of #weare’s, #noto’s and #mustfall’s.

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