Dissident Spin Doctor: Navigating the industry as a woman

by Emma King (@EmmainSA) Personally, I have never felt as if I’ve have been held back in my career because of being a woman. But, bar PR agencies (which have a higher than average women/men ratio, for reasons we won’t go into here), we would be hard-pressed to name more than a handful of MDs, CEOs or ECDs of major local creative companies who are women. Why is that?

The Dissident Spin Doctor: Four steps to avoiding a reputational s**tstorm

by Emma King (@EmmainSA) There are some simple things that should be done which have proved, time and time again, to be more effective ways of dealing with a reputational storm.

The Dissident Spin Doctor: Collaboration and the letting go of ego

by Emma King (@EmmainSA) Ours is not an industry for the softly spoken or the faint-hearted. It’s one in which, often, those who make the most noise are the most respected (or at least, the most well-known). And it’s one in which, I often think, success does not necessarily come to those who are the most experienced or competent, but rather those who have an opinion (credible or otherwise) and the confidence to fight for it and execute it well.

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