by Charlie Mathews (@CharlesLeeZA) As South Africa’s transformation project accelerates, MarkLives and HumanInsight have joined forces with the Association for Communication and Advertising to put together a downloadable playbook for change (free 29MB pdf).

#TransformersTransform2020 playbook cover
Download the pdf now (29MB)!

During covid-19, businesses and people alike have been experiencing change unlike ever before. The great pandemic has revealed that huge organisations and states could transform in days. Calls for change are only intensifying as civic movements seize on the truism that, if industry can change for a disease, why not for social justice? Or climate change, or to save the world?

The #TransformersTransform2020 playbook investigates:

  • The rewards of change and digital maturity
  • Insights into the global gender gap, and what to do about it
  • Why capitalists are having a mea culpa moment
  • Research that shows why transformed businesses are more resilient and creative
  • How the MAC sector is performing on its transformation scorecard
  • How big consultants are threatening revenues in the marketing sector
  • What attributes are critical to getting #futurefit
  • The attitudes leaders need to embrace to transform.

Until debt tear us apartFrom June until September 2020, MarkLives and HumanInsight produced a “Transformers Transform 2020” special series that was sponsored by the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA). The objective of this independently managed, journalism-driven research project was to explore and map new paths for brands and marketers to transform, adapt and build resilience while the world adapts to covid-19 and its resultant social, political and economic toll. The archive of stories is available here, the video interviews on YouTube and Facebook, and the downloadable #TransformersTransform2020 playbook here.

Downloand the #TransformersTransform2020 playbook now!
Downloand the #TransformersTransform2020 playbook now!

This research-packed primer on transformation leans on learnings and insights from the writings of or interviews with:

Covid-19 has accelerated change, and the defining message is that everyone must get on board. Globally, business leaders now accept that transformation is a democratising project driven by people and processes to better the world for all. An act of hope and self-preservation in the face of overwhelming odds, transformation is now being understood as humanity’s opportunity for purposeful progress.

Download the playbook now!

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Charlie MathewsAs an entrepreneur, Charlie Mathews (@CharlesLeeZA) has worked in growth teams with Naspers, Microsoft, and (the global prepaid card company). Mathews has also successfully founded and exited two marketing companies. Published in Rolling Stone magazine, Guardian UK, and SA’s Greatest Entrepreneurs, edited by Moky Makura, Mathews wrote for Daily Maverick during the title’s legendary startup era. Today, Mathews is the founder and CEO of HumanInsight, a research, insights and learning company that helps brands better understand, and serve — humans.


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